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Brand agnostic

P2P and open port


Notification of events by email

Webapp - Control panel.

Ticket management system.

1 user

Up to 10 devices.

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The free features plus:

Notifications grouped by hour.

Video loss, HDD, out of time.

Daily status report.

Personalized configuration.

Technician assignment.

Various reports.

20 users

Nr. of dev. according to license.

25 devices - 49€/month (1,98€/dev/m)

50 devices - 99€/month (1,98€/dev/m)

100 devices - 149€/month (1,49€/dev/m)

200 devices - 229€/month (1,15€/dev/m)

500 devices - 499€/month (1,00€/dev/m)

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For manufacturers / dealers

Customized (Logo)

Integration with ERP / CRM

APIs for synchronization

Personalized reports

White label

On premises




Features table

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Benefits according to type of licenseFreePremiumPlus

Each manufacturer has its own connection technology. Amrconnect brings together all the connection options on a single platform to facilitate total control.

P2P or open port

We have available the 2 options to include all the scenarios and group them into a single system. Depending on the brand, the configuration is different. See the support page for more details.

Healthtest - status

When a CCTV device loses connectivity, the system detects it, creates a ticket or event and notifies it by email. There is a configurable delay time, to avoid notifications for short connection losses.

Email notifications

Each event is notified individually when it is processed.

Grouped notifications

Notifications are grouped every given time, for example every hour. Thus, you will receive a notification every hour during the working hours, only if there are new events. Outside of working hours, they accumulate until the next day.

Video loss notifications, hard drive, out of time.

When a CCTV device reports an exception or breakdown, a ticket is automatically generated in the system and notified.

Daily status report.

Every morning you will receive a status report of the tickets from the last 24 hours. At a glance you will be able to see if there are new or unattended tickets and how many there are of each type.

Webapp - control panel.

You can access the management of your CCTV devices from a webapp environment. Available in the cloud, for access from any PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Automatic tickets 

The system generates an automatic ticket when a new event is generated. The Free version only includes disconnection events. The premium license also includes events such as the loss of signal from a camera, an out of time or a hard drive error.

Automatic calendaring of events.

When an event such as a loss of connection is recovered, the system cancels the event in the ticket list. This simplifies the follow-up work of the service maintenance by avoiding alarms already recovered.

Assignment of technician to a ticket.

When a ticket is generated, the service manager can assign the task to a specific technician. This technician will receive an email notification with the assigned task and customer data. The technician also has access to the system from his mobile phone to see the tickets and modify the status once it is done.

Notification of tickets to the customer

When the technician changes the status of a ticket, for example marks it as "made", the customer can receive an email notification informing of the resolved incident. The customer only receives notification when it is selected, there is no need to inform the customer of all events.


AMRconnect platform allows access to internal employers and even some customers who need it. There are different levels of access depending on the profile.

20 users



You will be able to print the "log" of monthly incidents per customer.

You can also request a report of the current status of a specific installation (camera status, date, disk status) ready to send to your customers.

With the plus license, you can request a customized report.



Special functions and customization

We customize the web platform with your logo and colors associated with your company image.

Integration with ERP / CRM.

If you have your own software to manage your company (CRM / ERP), we integrate the data from the AMRconnect platform with your system. This way your team can continue working in an environment that you already know by adding all the information and functionality of the AMR system.

APIs for synchronization are third-party software.

APIs are a type of communication "leguage" between different programs that allows the exchange of information between them. For example, your ERP software can query the AMRconnect database in real time. These queries can also be customized.

White label

For companies that want to distribute AMR software to their customers with their own brand image. We have the solution completely customized.

On premises (local facility)

For companies that want to have full control of the data and install the software on their own network.

Personalized reports.

With all the data available, you may need a report with cross-data of customers and facilities.

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