CCTV Maintenance Management

Brand - agnostic.  

Security first - No need to open ports.  

Notification of connectivity loss in real time.  

Failure notification with integrated ticket system.

Instant demo login

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Brand - agnostic

You are free to work with the brands you want. AMR connect integrates them all. Our technical team is always expanding the supported brands.

No need to open ports.  

No need to do the port forwarding, aka open ports on the router. Receive notifications of lack of connectivity and events in cameras and DVR.

Automatic tickets 

When a DVR fails, ie. the hard drive is full or a camera has a video loss, you will receive a real-time notification and a ticket will be created automatically.

Designed for technical service

Designed to help technical services to perform maintenance with simplicity and agility. Acces the platform from mobile or desktop.

Automatic notification to customers

When the technician solves the issue, he/she marks the ticket as "done" and the system automatically sends an email to the end customer. (if requested)

Integration / ERP - CRM

Our engineers will configure the export or synchronization system to integrate events, tickets and other data with your ERP or CRM.

Customization / white label

If you want your logo and colors in the system, we will customize it for you. If you want it with your brand, we can also remove our logo and leave only yours.

Data Protection

The system IS NOT INTRUSIVE. That means it won't capture any images or sensitive information from your clients' cameras. It only captures information for maintenance purposes.

Easy. On the cloud

The system is cloud-based and does not require any software installation as a server. We take care of everything.

On premises

We can also provide the software to install it on your own server, without external access.


Check all alarms in 1 sec.

With Dashboard, you can check all unattended alarms in 1 second. Click on any type of alarm to see more details.   

Event list with tickets

All your service tickets, filtered by type, in an event list. Read the details or change the status on the desktop or on the go with your mobile device.

Auto- notifications to clients   

When a status is changed, from the desktop environment, in the office or from the mobile, on the go, the customer receives an automatic notification by email. If you have your own management software (CRM or ERP), the system will keep it updated via API.


We provide API's and customized reports to integrate AMR CCTV with your current software. We can also pull data from your system to integrate it with AMR CCTV. 

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